About the Artist

Painting and Drawing:

The Great Caruso (tenor) came to my mom’s small mid-western town, Gravelburg. She was a teenager when she and her dad (grandpa played the fiddle, made moon-shine, could stand on his head and loved to party) hitched up the horses and they rode into town. She talked about it until the day she died, not often but with the respect that a life-altering moment will have.

The same thing happened to me when Judy Chicago’s “The Dinner Party” came to my small mid-western city. If I look back on my life, my art, my career, my journeys, my passions, Chicago and the promise of “The Dinner Party” was my Caruso moment. Like my grandfather, I like a party but also, like my mother it sent me on a trajectory of creating, seeking knowledge, adventure, and gave an anchor for my place and value in the world.

Chicago cut through the crap for me. Did she succeed? Yes, succeed and fail and succeed and fail again and again. It toured, I traveled, it found its arenas, I found my spaces of nourishment – studios, stages, residencies (PS1 ’85) and my places of worship – museums, galleries, parks, café walls.

Long after my mother left the concert hall her experience continued to resonate/vibrate in her being, charging it, changing it forever. Long after The Dinner Party left town, its setting gave me a place at the table, gave me a codex for the struggles, gave me a history to ease my soul and gave me a fire in my heart.

Chicago put all this together in a powerful visual package, which in looking back, I have supped on to this day.

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